埃尔坡的名字来自“AIRPO”的音译,为的是标明我们服务机场行业的心迹。比“AIRPORT”少掉两个字母, 是因为我们认为数字化就是用“解构”的方式,对物理世界的生产要素进行全新重组,让管理和经营活动在数字世界里“被掰开揉碎”,却又能得到系统性地刻画和处理,从而使得管理决策者能够更加快速、全面地洞察事实本原,掌握实际业务的内在逻辑和本质。依托于数字化工具呈现的 “ 真知灼见”,我们深信机场行业绝 大多数管理和经营问题都可以得到彻底的改变。

如果说数字化让机场“灵动轻盈”(Flexible),那么资本化则让机场能够“流动起来”(Flow)。作为重资产的公共交通基础设施,机场的管理主体天生就重担在肩。我们相信机场与金融市场的紧密结合,可以为行业带来更强劲的发展动力。过去的二十多年间,自厦门机场在1996年首次亮相资本市场之后,陆续有上海、北 京、广州、深圳,以及海口等5个城市的机场分别在上 交所、深交所和港交所上市,而且也有不少机场筹划试图进入资本市场。不过,截至目前,国内机场的资本化程度依然很低。我们相信,不管是类似IPO这样的股权融资,还是信用类、资产类的债权融资,抑或是股权改革和业务重组,机场这样的优质国有资产在资本化证券化的道路上都大有可为。我们坚信,以市场的逻辑、资 本的力量和金融的手法来推动实现资本化与证券化,可以为机场的高质量、可持续健康发展,以及参与全球竞 争,提供更加全面、系统地支撑。

对行业来说,埃尔坡带给客户的是两个最具影响力的顶层视角——数字化和资本化。我们坚信,科学、领先的认知,辅以安全有效的实现方式和路径,一定能够为行业带来有价值的变化。中国机场在“智慧”和“资本” 的双重加持之下,也必将迎来蓬勃兴盛的繁荣时代。

After a decade of airline consulting experience, I founded AIRPO in 2018 with one single idea: to focus on the “real problems” in the industry and provide professional services that are truly valuable and effective. Such real problems, in my opinion, can be revealed only when actual business activities are left apart and a more abstractive perspective is adopted.

Our name “AIRPO” marks our commitment to serving the airport industry. It is two letters fewer than “AIRPORT” because we believe that digitalisation restructures factors of production in the physical world through “destruction” and triturates management and operation activities while receiving systematic characterisation and processing, thereby presenting decision makers with swifter and more comprehensive insights and grasping the business logic and nature. With the assistance of digitalisation tools, we hold most management and operational problems in the airline industry can be completely remedied.

While digitalisation makes airports Flexible, capitalisation helps them Flow. As a heavy asset of public transportation infrastructure, airport management subjects are born with an important duty. We believe the close integration of airports and the financial market can bring stronger impetus to the industry. In the past 20 years, since Xiamen Airport made its debut in the capital market in 1996, airports in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Haikou have gone public the Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong Stock Exchange, with far more to go. Domestic airports remain undercapitalized; however, despite the fact that high-quality state-owned assets like airports possess promising futures in capitalisation and securitisation via equity financing like IPOs, debt financing with credits and assets, or restructuring. We hold that market-driven capitalisation and securitisation with the power of capital and financing methods can provide airports with more comprehensive and systematic supports toward high-quality and sustainable developments and global competition.

For the industry, AIRPO brings clients two of the most powerful top-level perspectives—digitalisation and capitalisation. We firmly believe that scientific and advance know-hows, backed by safe and effective implementations, would definitely bring valuable alterations to the industry. With the dual support of wisdom and capitals, Chinese airports will surely usher in a prosperous era.


埃尔坡数字科技(AIRPO Digital,简称AIRPO D)借助埃尔坡AIRPO在机场领域深厚的行业经验与专业知识,以创新精神、前沿技术与灵活模式为全球机场提供面向中国旅客的服务及消费数字化平台建设和运营服务,帮助客户实现可持续、可预测、可量化的真实业绩增长。

AIRPO is an international airport-focused professional organization, with the concept of “Global perspective. Airport practice.”, focusing on two areas of digital transformation and capitalization strategy, we are committed to providing integrated solutions for the airport industry from strategy to execution.

AIRPO Digital Technology (AIRPO D) leverages AIRPO’s deep industry experience and expertise in the airport sector to provide innovative, cutting-edge technology and flexible models to build and operate digital platforms for service and consumption for Chinese passengers at airports around the world, helping clients achieve sustainable, predictable and quantifiable real performance Growth.







祝伟龙 Jacob Zhu


Founder & CEO

埃尔坡创始人兼CEO,民航新型智库(ATT)专家,致力于机场商业数字化转型和机场资产证券化。十多年来一直服务于民航业,为机场客户提供航空与非航空业务战略、商业发展规划、服务品牌提升等咨询服务。他服务过的机场客户遍及亚太、欧洲和非洲,包括首都机场、上海机场、广州机场、深圳机场、昆明机场、杭州机场、贵阳机场、沈阳机场、大连机场、合肥机场、桂林机场等国内各类机场,以及阿姆斯特丹史基浦机场和安哥拉罗安达机场等境外机场。在推动机场商业数字化转型过程中,设计的机场商业资源的数字化管理平台ACAMP成功应用于国内多个 机场,已成为该领域的唯一成熟产品。他在《中国民航报》、《空运商务》、民航新型智库等媒体撰写多篇文章,也长期为行业投资基金、证券机构、免税集团等提供行业见解。

Jacob Zhu is the Founder & CEO of AIRPO and an expert at ATT. Jacob is committed to bringing substantial change to airport industry, namely, airport commerce digital transformation and airport asset securitization. With a decade of airport consulting experience, Jacob has provided his airport customers with both aviation and non-aviation business strategy, business development planning, airport service brand upgrade and other consulting services. Jacob has served airport clients in Asia Pacific, Europe and Africa, including domestic airports located in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Kunming, Hangzhou, Guiyang, Shenyang, Dalian, Hefei, and Guilin, as well as overseas airports such as Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Quatro de Fevereiro International Airport. In his process of promoting the digital transformation of airport commerce, Jacob has designed Airport Commercial Assent Management Platform (ACAMP), which has been successfully applied in many domestic airports and has become the only mature product in the field. Jacob has written many articles in China Civil Aviation News, Civil Aviation Business, Aviation Think Tank and other media, as well as provided industry insights for investment funds, securities institutions and tax-free groups.

王继峰Fowler Wang




Fowler Wang is a partner and Chief Marketing Officer of AIRPO. Since he entered the civil aviation industry in 2005, he has been deeply involved in various sectors of civil aviation, including airport business, passenger self-service, freight transportation etc. He used to coordinate the market management and development of integrated hardware and software products in a Fortune 500 company in American aviation industry. He is familiar with the civil aviation systems such as departure and CUSS. The customers he has served include China Eastern Airlines, Air China, Shenzhen Airlines, Shandong Airlines and other aviation companies in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chongqing and Kunming.

李瀚明Jason Lee





Mr. Jason Lee is a partner and Chief Technical Officer of AIRPO. After graduating from the University of Illinois in the United States, he has designed data analysis solutions for airlines and airports in Japan and the United States. He has also produced articles for the Financial Times, South China Morning Post, China Civil Aviation News and other media outlets, offering his insights into the civil aviation industry.



Head of Digitalization Business Department



Mr. L.M graduates with an MBA degree from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. He has more than 10 years of experience in civil aviation. He has served as the principal of aviation, business and data positions, and holds CAAC and FAA flight assignment licenses. Currently, he is the head of the Digital Division in AIRPO, focusing on using digital means to improve the performance of airport business and the quality of management and decision-making.

羊思南Shanon Yang


Head of Capitalization Business Department



Ms. Shanon Yang graduated from the University of Sydney with an integrated background in computer and finance. Currently she is in charge of the capitalization department of AIRPO, she focuses on the capitalization and securitization reform of the airport and is committed to achieve the marketization of airport capital operation, thus providing multiple options for airport capitalization operation.

刘晨玮Elijah Liu


Head of R&D and Marketing


拥有经济、法律、政治和心理学跨学科专业背景,毕业于 荷兰阿姆斯特丹大学。现任埃尔坡 研发和营销中心负责人,专注于机场战略、数字化和商业经营等领域,为埃尔坡各业务板块提供专业支持。

Mr. Elijah Liu graduated from the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands with an interdisciplinary background in economics, law, politics and psychology. Currently, he is the head of R&D and Marketing Center in AIRPO, focusing on airport strategy, digitalization and commercial operations, providing professional support to all business segments of AIRPO.

卞蒙卉Chloe Bian


Brand Consultant



Ms. Chloe graduated from University of the Arts London with a bachelor degree in Brand Strategic Management. She has managed numerous brand, marketing and product planning projects, and has rich experience in the field of brand strategy. She works as a brand consultant for AIRPO, and is committed to providing airport customers with more refined products and service experience.

岳娉孜Aurora Yue


ESG Researcher



Ms. Aurora graduates from the University of Amsterdam in Netherlands and studied at the University of Toronto in Canada, with a bachelor degree in Economics and Business Economics. She focuses on airport digitalization, capitalization strategy and marketing. She has the experience of participating in multiple AIRPO’s business-related consultancies for several airports.

朱虹Joan Zhu


Accounting Manager



Ms. Zhu Hong graduated from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. With rich practical experience in financial analysis, budget management, and risk management and control, she has been engaged in finance-related sectors throughout her career. She used to work as an accounting manager of a listed company and an auditor in an accounting firm for many years. She is currently working in AIRPO, providing rigorous and professional service in regard to accounting.

王冬炜Dylan Wang


Visual Communication Designer



Mr. Dylan Wang graduated with a degree in the realm of exhibition. Throughout his career, he has been providing visual solutions regarding graphics design, marketing campaigns, publication packaging etc. for many large enterprises. He is now a in-house visual communication designer for AIRPO, providing professional support for both product and brand experience.